The Canadian institutions of learning provide quality and all-round education that caters for the needs of a diverse pool of students from around the world. In Canada, territories and provinces are in charge of their education system. They select Designated Learning Institutions which are, approved to enroll international students.

Primary and Secondary schools fall under DLI’s. If you have attained the age of maturity and would like to pursue your studies further, in Canada, you will need to acquire a Study Permit. The rule applies to most international students in Canada. For you to be eligible for a Study Permit you need to provide proof of:

  • Acceptance to an institution of learning, i.e., a DLI
  • Sufficient funds to cater for your tuition and living costs
  • Intent of returning after completing studies

Study Permits have expiry dates. It tells you when to stop studying. The dates vary depending on the length of your program or condition of acceptance to a DLI. You may need to extend your Study Permit before expiry, usually, at least 30 days before expiry.

There are exemptions to those who need a Study Permit in Canada, for their education. They include minor children, those pursuing an education program of six months or less, foreign representative’s staff or family, a member of foreign armed forces, and Registered Indian in Canada.

Also, depending on the program that you are in, you may be eligible to Work in Canada while you study, and also after completion of your studies.

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