Moving to a new country, away from home, people and culture that you are used to can be an avalanche of mixed feelings. You are excited about the new and possibly different experience that a new land has to offer yet you wonder whether you will be able to blend in with the rest?

The only way that you can calm your fears is by carrying out extensive research on what to expect. This way, you won’t be caught off-guard by most of the things. If you are planning your stay or move to Canada, after successfully progressing through the application process and finally getting your Canadian Visa, the next logical step is booking your flight then leaving your home country.

On the Plane

You will be boarding an International Flight, right? On the flight, you will be given a Declaration Form to fill. Take your time to fill in the required details carefully. Where you would like assistance, you can ask a member of the cabin crew for help.

Also, you can choose to fill in your details at the desk of the Customs & Immigration personnel. Listen to the instructions of the flight attendants as they will instruct you on where to go, once the plane has landed.

At the Airport

Once the aircraft has landed, you will then need to head to the Customs & Immigration Desk. You have to provide them will relevant documentation that allows you to step foot in Canada. These documents include but are not limited to passport, visa, declaration card, and proof of return flight.

At the Canadian Border Services Desk, you will be asked about the things that you have carried with you to Canada. You have to declare everything to them. You will then be directed to the luggage collection area to pick your things. The Customs Agent may ask to check your bags; it shouldn’t worry you.

As you leave the Luggage Collection area, a Customs Agents will collect your Declaration Card. If you are stranded, ask for help from the airport staff, they will guide you on what and where you need to go.

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