The Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments aim to attract individuals who can positively influence the Canadian economy by making the lives of the Canadian people better and promoting the development of the economy through the Business Class Visa Program.

Individuals who may fall into this category include investors, entrepreneurs, and self-employed persons. Various programs fall under this section including:

  • Start-Up Visa: this visa targets entrepreneurs who have the skills and potential to start a business and create more jobs for the Canadian people.
  • Self-employed: self-employed individuals with two years of relevant experience and a desire to continue with self-employment in Canada may also apply.
  • Provincial Nominees: provinces can nominate candidates through theProvincial Nominee Program.
  • Immigrant Investors: under the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Immigrant Pilot Program (IIVC), you should have a net worth of Canadian dollars 10 million or more, that you acquired legally, among multiple other requirements.

Successful candidates are those who have the ability and skills to contribute to the economy of Canada, and are able to integrate with Canadian culture and society.

Our lines are open to discuss with you the options available to you and guide you through the application process.