This program is for those with the intention of residing in any territory or province other than Quebec, and with certain work experience. The minimum requirements for eligibility include:

  • You should have a minimum of one year, continuous work experience, within the last decade (unpaid internships and volunteer work do not count)
  • Your skills should fall under 0, A, or B type, under National Occupational Classification NOC (i.e., managerial-0, Professional-A, Technical and Skilled trade-B)
  • You will need to take an Approved language test in English or French and score a minimum of 6.0 points in each module: Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing.
  • For those with Foreign Education, you will need to provide a report on your Education Credential Assessment from an approved agency

Several factors are considered before selection into the program, e.g., education, age, work experience, language skills, a valid job offer, work experience and adaptability.

Your performance in each factor earns you points, which are used to determine your eligibility to the Express Entry Pool. The current minimum score is 67 points.

For those with live-in partners, married or common law partners, the Principal Applicant should be the one who is likely to get more points in the eligibility criteria. In the case of an individual applicant, he or she is the Principal Applicant.

Federal Skilled Worker Program:

Federal Skilled Workers are chosen as permanent residents based on their ability to prosper in Canada. They are assessed according to a selection grid made up of six factors, including language, education, work experience, etc.

Applicants under the FSW program are assessed on a points grid that takes into account important factors such as education, language skills, work experience, age, and adaptability to Canada. There are some other requirements that applicants can start preparing for, namely language tests and foreign educational credential assessments.