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Occupational Permit for Owner-Operators in the International Mobility Program

For a foreign national to be eligible for an Owner-Operator work permit under the International Mobility Program, they must show that they:

  • For a foreign national to be eligible for an Owner-Operator work visa under the International Mobility Program, they must be able to show that they: Own at least 50% of the company;
  • will run a company that brings Canada considerable economic, social, or cultural benefits, or that gives Canadians or permanent residents possibilities, like employment or a special service;
  • possess a chance for profitable enterprise that will benefit Canada and the people of Canada;
  • possess a skill set or experience that will increase the business's viability;
  • Have taken steps to implement their business strategy, such as securing funding, renting office space, and acquiring a business number from the Canada Revenue Agency; and Have submitted an application for an Offer of Employer (Employer Compliance) to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (Immigration Canada).

Others considerations

It is advised that they obtain an LMIA as an employee of the company if a foreign citizen owns less than 50% of it. Additionally, only one owner will be permitted to apply for an Owner-Operator work permit if there are numerous owners of the company.


A foreign national who applies for an Owner-Operator work visa may have the dual intention of entering Canada temporarily (to run a business) and staying permanently by immigrating to the country. If an applicant for a work visa has this dual objective, they must show the officer examining their application that they are prepared to depart Canada at the conclusion of their temporary stay if necessary.


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