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Immigration categories for Ontario

There are three options available to you if you want to immigrate to Ontario:

  • Human Capital
  • Masters
  • Employer Job offers
  • Business Category

Human Capital

Two sub-streams make up the Human Capital Category itself. The Ontario Express Entry programme is one. This substream's programmes are improved. They are therefore connected to the Express Entry programme.

The Human Capital Category includes the following initiatives: Ontario Express Entry sub-stream:

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) fall under the heading of human capital priorities (CEC).

For anyone with appropriate work experience in a qualifying trade occupation in Ontario.

Like Human Capital Priorities, French-Speaking Skilled Worker functions through FSWP and CEC. Candidates for the position of French-Speaking Skilled Worker must be fluent in both French and English.

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Minimal Conditions


The minimal conditions for eligibility through one of the Human Capital Category's streams are as follows:
shall intend to reside in Ontario.
You need to have enough funds to pay for your family and yourself.



How does it work 


You must sign up for an ONe-key account on the OINP website once you know which stream you are qualified for.
After creating a profile, you must start your application through the portal by selecting the file number next to the stream you want to apply for. Additionally, you must upload the necessary files.
If you are submitting an application through one of the Express Entry streams, you must keep your profile up to date until you are nominated.
You will get an OINP Certificate of Nomination and a Nomination Approval Letter through email if your application is accepted.

Employer Job Offer

The Employer Job Offer Category includes the following three programmes:
For skilled workers only, the foreign worker stream;
for foreign students who have just graduated from post-secondary institutions in Ontario;
In-demand skill stream: for individuals with intermediate skills in particular industries, including haulage, agriculture, construction, and personal support.

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Minimum Conditions: 


a full-time, long-term work offer in an Ontario-eligible profession;
must possess the necessary work experience, licences, or other authorizations to carry out the job;
must be planning to settle in Ontario;
Employer has additional obligations to fulfil (business, revenue, employment).


How does it work  


The OINP e-Filing Portal requires you to first register your Expression of Interest and create a profile (EOI).
To choose the top applicants from the pool, Ontario frequently conducts provincial draws. If you are selected for an invitation, you will be notified in the portal and have 14 days to submit your application. Through your ONe-key account, you can submit your application

Business Category

The Business Category is for people who want to launch a business in Ontario or purchase an existing one. Under the Business Category, there is only one stream available for now: the Entrepreneur Stream.
Time:  Less than 30 days

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Minimum requirements:  



  • Must have 24 months of business experience within the last 60 months.
  • Must have a net worth of either CAD $400,000 or CAD $800,000 depending on whether the firm will be situated outside the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
  • must make a minimum personal investment of CAD $200,000 or CAD $600,000 depending on whether the firm will be situated inside or outside of the GTA.
  • must hold at least a third of the company's shares.
  • Must take an active role in running the company.
  • The primary goal of investment must be financial gain.
  • If the firm is located in the Greater Toronto Area it must produce a minimum of two full-time, permanent jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents, OR one full-time, permanent job if the business is located outside the GTA. Regardless of location, only one full-time position is necessary if the company operates in the information and communications or digital communications sectors.

Masters Category

The following initiatives do not support Express Entry. A candidate must register an expression of interest  and build a profile:

Graduates with a Masters degree from an Ontario university may apply to this stream.
Graduates with a PhD from an Ontario university are eligible to apply.
Processing time- Approx 30-60 days

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