Canada has a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) where a province or territory can nominate an individual to immigrate to the area, to contribute to the economy in the area they want to live in.

Immigrants are selected according to their work experience, skills, and education. The criteria used in selecting applicants vary from Province or Territory.

Under PNP, there are two streams with which one can immigrate to Canada, that is:

  1. Express Entry, as a skilled worker. To be eligible for the PNPs Express Entry stream, one should:
    • Have a complete Express Entry profile and meet the minimum requirement for eligibility to the pool.
    • Meet the minimum needs of that particular province or territory’s Express Entry stream.
    • Be nominated under that particular stream.
  2. Non-Express Entry or otherwise known as the paper-based process. To apply, you should be:
    • Nominated under this stream.
    • Meet the minimum requirements for eligibility to this stream.

Different territories have different requirements. You can contact us to find out more.