If you are neither a Canadian Citizen nor a Permanent Resident, you may need a Work Permit, for you to work in Canada. There are two main categories of Work Permits:

  • Employer-Specific Work Permit: This is a document that allows you to work according to the conditions outlined within it. It contains details of your employer, start and end date of employment, job title and location of work.
  • Open Work Permit: this doesn’t restrict you to working with a particular employer. You can work in any organization except those that have failed to comply with the rules governing a work permit or offer services such as, escort, striptease, erotic massage or dances.

Full-time students in post-secondary institutions of learning in Canada can work on campus without needing a Work Permit. To be eligible for a Work Permit, you need to meet the minimum requirements, which include:

  1. Have sufficient funds to cater your stay in Canada, for you and your family members.
  2. Prove that you will leave the country once your work permit expires.
  3. Obey Canadian laws and not be a danger to the security of the country.
  4. Provide documents to show that you can enter Canada if you are applying from outside.
  5. Be in good health and take a medical exam.

The Work Permit is temporary, and you may extend it while in Canada if needed. There are many options available for obtaining a Work Permit. Fill out our Free Assessment Application Form to know where you may fall or contact a specialist from our team.