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Documents for your application for permanent residence

The documents you used to create your profile must be uploaded if you are extended an application invitation to you (see list above). The majority of applicants must also upload the following:

  • police identification cards and physicals
  • evidence of money
  • Use of a representative form for declaring dependent children requires a birth certificate 
  • if you have recruited a representative, a common-law union form is necessary required if you've listed "common-law" as your marital status
  • If you've indicated that you're married, you need a marriage certificate.
  • If you have indicated that you are divorced, you must have a divorce certificate and a formal separation agreement.
  • If you've declared yourself to be "widowed," you need a death certificate.
  • If a dependent child's status is designated as "adopted," an adoption certificate is necessary.

Other Documents

Only if it is mentioned in your customised document checklist are you required to submit these. If you don't provide these documents, your application might not be denied or rejected. They are solely used to determine whether you are qualified for the programme you are applying for.

  • evidence of your connection to a Canadian relative
  • digital pictures to verify your identification, another name to verify aliases, and a document authorising the release of personal data to a specific person 
  • any more files that you deem necessary for your application

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