Why should H1B Visa Holders migrate to Canada?

We would like to take this opportunity to share some important information explaining the need for H1-B visa holders to apply for immigration to Canada.

Below is a chart explaining the difference between an H1-B visa for US and a Permanent Residency Visa for Canada.

Visa holder has to leave US if he/she has been laid-off or if the company shuts down. Residents are free to take their own time to find another job.
Visa holders have to go back to their country if their Green Cards are not applied for before the 6-year limit on their H1-B expires. Residents receive a Permanent Residency Visa, which is similar to US Green Card when they land in Canada.
Visa holders face visa renewal risk when returning from traveling to another country. Residents are allowed to travel abroad as frequently as they wish.
Visa holder cannot change his/her sponsoring employer. Residents can change employers and locations at any time.
Visa holders are not permitted to start their own businesses. Residents can own businesses of their choice.
Visa holders cannot sponsor dependents other than spouse or children. Residents can sponsor other family members who are dependent on them.
(parents, brothers, sisters)
Spouse of visa holder has to arrange for sponsorship from potential employers
to work in US.
Spouse of resident also receives a Permanent Residency Visa. Therefore he/she
is also free to work anywhere in Canada.
Visa holders have to wait a long time to get citizenship. Residents only need 3 years of residence in Canada, which entitles them to apply for citizenship.

Note: Any persons in the process of applying for US Green Card should note that they could still apply for Canadian Permanent Residency Visa as a back up. If for any reason they do not get their US Green Card, they could move to Canada with their Permanent Residency Visa.