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Who can you sponsor

  • Your own parents, grandparents, and any other blood or adoptive relatives may be sponsored.
  • You must submit two applications if you are the sponsor for separated parents or grandparents. Your grandparents or divorced parents are considered dependents on the application and are eligible to immigrate to Canada with you if they have a current spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner.
  • Only dependent children who meet the requirements for dependent children may be named in the application as your siblings, half-siblings, stepbrothers, and stepsisters.
  • You must meet the income requirements for each person you desire to sponsor as well as each of their dependents.

Ongoing obligations

One must make an undertaking with IRCC in order to sponsor their parents or grandparents under the PGP. This undertaking obligates sponsors who live outside of Quebec to support their sponsored family members financially for 20 years starting on the day they become Canadian citizens. The provincial social assistance that your sponsored family member received over the course of the 20-year period will also need to be paid back.

You must also meet the basic necessities of the members of the family you are sponsoring, such as food, clothing, utilities, etc.

For sponsors who live in Quebec, the undertaking is valid for 10 years starting on the day when the sponsored family members are granted permanent residency in Canada.

Documents required


  • filled-out application forms, documentation proving residency in Canada, and proof of physical presence in Canada;
  • paperwork proving your civil status; evidence that you have earned at least the required amount for the three tax years preceding to applying;
  • police clearances and certificates from every nation your parent or grandparent has been in for at least six months after becoming 18;
  • a grandparent's and your parent's medical certificate; evidence that the appropriate government fees have been paid;
  • digital picture


My PGP sponsorship application may be supported by my husband or common-law partner?

Yes, your spouse or common-law partner may sign your PGP application as a co-signer. You may utilise the income of your spouse or common-law partner to satisfy the minimum income requirement if they sign your application as a co-signer. You must also sign an agreement promising to help your parents or grandparents financially with your spouse or common-law partner.


Can I sponsor my parents or grandparents through the PGP if I'm currently living outside of Canada?

Your parents or grandparents cannot be sponsored under the PGP unless the sponsor is a citizen of Canada. This suggests that your principal residential address must be in Canada throughout the application process, from the moment the application is submitted until a decision is reached on the application.


Can I leave Canada while my PGP application for sponsorship is being processed?

Under the PGP, the sponsor must live in Canada in order to sponsor your parents or grandparents. This implies that until an application decision is reached, your principal residential address must be in Canada at the time the application is submitted.


I need to know how to get an invitation to apply for the PGP?

The sponsor must first submit an interest to sponsor form to the IRCC PGP site in order to be issued an invitation to apply. Periodically during the year, the PGP site welcomes fresh interest to sponsor form submissions. The PGP portal isn't open right now.


What papers do I need to include with my interest to sponsor form when I send it to the PGP pool?

When submitting a sponsorship interest form to the PGP site, no supporting documentation is required. You'll need to present evidence that you meet the PGP program's qualifying standards instead. Included in this are details about you as the sponsor, your household, and the parents or grandparents you desire to support. The last three tax years' worth of your income should also be available for declaration.


Is a job offer required for my parents or grandparents to be sponsored under the PGP?

No, your parents or grandparents cannot be sponsored if they do not have a work offer. When individuals obtain permanent residency through the PGP, they are also under no duty to find employment in Canada.


What are the application processing costs for the PGP?

When submitting a sponsorship interest form to the PGP site, there are no processing costs. But if you've been invited to apply, you must include application processing fees with your application. The application processing fee is $1,050 for each sponsored adult and $150 for each dependant kid. A biometrics charge of $85 for one person or $170 for two or more persons is furthermore required.


Can my grandparents or parents visit Canada while their PGP application is being processed?

Yes, while they wait for their PGP application to be approved, your parents and grandparents are permitted to visit Canada. The super visa programme of the IRCC enables qualified grandparents and parents to stay in Canada for up to two years at a time.


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